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The 5 Creative Small Business Ideas For 2020

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Here’s 5 Creative Small Business Ideas to share with you, but we would first like to discuss your desire  toward small business.Apart from the seemingly chaotic politics, the US economy appears to be continuing to improve.  Each of us, as entrepreneurs would certainly like to see ongoing economic growth.

I’ve always held onto the goal of retiring into a small business.  When I made the switch from being employed by a 3rd party to operating my business.  I was able to feel truly accomplished.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with working for a company other than your own.  However, if you are unsatisfied and yearn to start your own business, now is a perfect time.

Creative Small Business Ideas – Let’s Talk History

In the late 1990’s, at the peak of the Dot-com boom fast-thinkers wanting to grab a piece of the American Dream quickly opted for intellectual property.  Millions claimed victory of success and millions sunk into despair upon the dot-com crash.

Economic analysts reliably blamed the dot-com crash on  over confidence in the world-wide possibilities. Truth is there were some great successes of the dot-com boom, can you say AmazonTM   or   eBay TM  ?   However, great loss came for entrepreneurs who were less-known.

Moving to the present date, we’re not in the 90’s and the focus of attention is not on exclusive dot-com investments.  However, history has taught us to be weary.  There is something frighten about perching yourself to enter the “next best thing”.

Small Business Owners of 2019

There are a multitude of online and offline affiliate business opportunities.   The word “affiliate” represents “attachment”.  Many would maintain that affiliate businesses or affiliate marketers are a label reserved for online marketing.

I believe that the vast number of offline business opportunities, such as Lyft TM, Uber TM, and Door Dash TM .  All affiliate business operations, rather than an actual small business as nowadays referred.

Are affiliate business opportunities a good option for entrepreneurs?  Maybe, I know people who have transition into working full-time for transportation networks.

Both Uber and Lyft offer some type of health insurance benefits, though there are ongoing pushes for “genuine benefits”.   I never experienced with the network transportation, I understand the work is plentiful and pay is quick.

Where the big difference resides among quick-to-establish small business.  Uber is that the parties doing the actual physical work have very little if any say on operations.  I once attempted to help an individual obtain a business loan however , not much funding if any has been reserved for network transportation affiliates.

One of the biggest rewards of owning your own business is being able to make the decisions 100%.   Trust me, there are times when you’ll wish you can discriminate on when you want full autonomy.   Ultimately there is nothing close to feeling totally in control!

If you don’t mind this new wave of “working for someone else/ my own business” then do so and be happy with your decision.  However, if you are seeking to start or expand your small business, one where you have total autonomy, the following list is for you.

5 Creative Small Business Ideas for 2020

creative small business ideas

  • SERENITY CAFÉ: This is a winner in my book. Serenity Café combined several smart and trending popularizes.  Unlike your typical café, Serenity Cafes are set up to provide, a peaceful setting atmosphere illicit essential oils , organic drinks.  Earthly seating, and age-restricted.  The beauty of Serenity Café is that you can introduce uniqueness.
  • YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR TRAINER: Studies have shown youth who engage in activities such as band or intellectual/social clubs increase their likelihood of attending college.  While some schools have taken the initiative to include futuristic studies most are inadequate and simply explore topical details.  Nowadays parents are concerned with their children’s ability to compete with the increasing economic demands.  French lessons are taking a backseat to courses and training introducing and expanding such as economics, business ownership, and advanced tech applications.


  • LOCAL SMALL BUSINESS TECH SERVICES: Much like our #2, our third in creative small business ideas focus on providing a much-needed service to small businesses, tech services.  One of the most difficult tasks for small business owners is technical driven tasks.  There are countless affordable options for setting up a business website.  Maintaining and promoting your business website is a totally different need.   What happens when your server goes down? How do you find conflicts with your new CMS program? Oh no, you’ve been hacked! Security Breech? How do I optimize for Visual Search?  All of these “What if’s” are real and worst of all extremely costly!  By providing competitive but fair pricing, coupled with dedicated availability, you can make a killing!
  • SPECIAL NEEDS CRAFT INSTRUCTOR: If you are a craft maker and have great patience you can find your new business in Special Needs Craft Instructor one of favorite of the 5 Creative Small Business Ideas.   We emphasize patience for this choice of business as the clientele you’ll likely work with my have challenges.  However, match therapeutic research with helping individuals and facilities bring creative therapy to those in need.  I can recall the ultimate joy of special needs kids engaged in making bracelets. You’ll also enjoy benefits of moving to the top for grants and governmental contracts/bids.  Some of your potential clients- Seniors, Special Need Youth, Hospice, Mental Health patients.
  • LOCAL INFLUENCE PROMOTER (LIP): Do you know of any new businesses in your town? Sure, and there will always be new small businesses (like yours) appearing each day.  How many of those businesses need help getting the “word” out?   Unfortunately, many businesses rely solely on social media (of course social media quickly discovered this hence ad costs) to market their business.  Soon the driving cost of ads, and inexperience with online optimization (of course your friendly Local Small Business Tech Service can help), results in failed ventures.   Establishing a Local Influence Promoter business is an excellent money maker.  A quick example: local pet setting /boarding needs more business.  As a “LIP” you organize a local dog show or “Cutest puppy” contest, of course your client would be the center of attention with special marketing promotions (another money maker for you-simply sign up as an affiliate to earn even more).  For more information on promotion ideas read our Small Business Saturday post.

Nothing comes easy, but ownership, being your own boss, making the decisions, easy and hard, is all worthwhile.We hope that our 5 Creative Small Business Ideas gave you something to consider.  As we said, take an idea and own it.  Think way outside the box, you can always take some steps back . Remember there’s always room for something new.