Small Business Growth Under Trump You Might Want To Whisper

I wish that I could write this post with a big push of “I know it all” on Small Business Growth Under Trump , but the “facts” are sometime….money then political.

So, we are here , a few days from another potential governmental shutdown. Personally, I don’t see this happening.  Not because I believe the Democrats and Republican’s will hold hands and celebrate their unison like the Indians and Pilgrims, but instead, I’m relying on Trump…that is President Trump.

Politics always are at play…

small business growth under trump

Now hold on while I get to the topic at hand, I’m connecting. Trump may be a lot of things, but he’s also incredibly entertaining. Seriously,  even people in my household who scream anytime I turn on politics, grabbed a bowl of popcorn and watched the SOTU (State of the Union), like they were watching Bullock blindfolding those kids. Not to disappoint, the tension between Trump and now known as , Clap back Madam Pelosi, was enough to make you wanna pause the television as you dashed in the kitchen for refills.

Understand, my blog post is not about politics. Sure I have an opinion and preference, though I seem to find myself cornered as an Independent.  I too have concerns with the general well-being of my country. However, as a small business owner, I’d like to keep growing,  hearing more discussions about  keeping more of my earned money in my pocket.  I don’t exactly cringe when Trump talks business (give credit where its due) , but like many others,  I too keep my eyebrow up, and my expansion ideas tucked away…for now.

Enter Small Business Owner

So what’s all this have to do with Small Business Growth Under Trump? Everything. Small business growth is perched awaiting more movement, no matter how entertaining, as long as jobs continue to grow, regulations lessen, and the big sensitive issues, illegal immigration and trade policy become under control, small businesses may just be too fearful to go back in time.  Fact is, Trump does have a heck of a following,  and many of those reside right here, on the side of small business.

I get the concerns with all other issues, truly I do. However, right now our discussion is on Small Business Growth Under Trump. The opinions of some small business owners tell a story, and the story appears to favor Trump.,  published information resulting from a recent survey of small business owners.  According to the survey results,  mosty surveyed small business owners  had a positive opinion of Trump’s intentions toward small business. Many felt that they’ve done well in the last two years and have a positive , but cautious, outlook for 2019.

The one area that seems to be of consistent concern is the effect of changes to trade policies. Business owners, big and small, understand that the tariffs will result in higher prices. When we discuss higher prices we see trickles of the cost, notoriously resulting in higher product and service prices, more customer complaints, and less customer spending.  Thought the current administration purports such higher cost will be off-set by incredible beneficial changes  this area is a concern for owners and raises eyebrows for the overall positives for Small Business Growth Under Trump.

Whether or not you are a Trump supporter, or your political allegiance resides with one side or the other, small business doesn’t appear ready to hop off a ride of  doing better.  Small Business Growth Under Trump , well for some,  it just doesn’t seem all that bad.

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