About Us

Metallic Capital, LLC is a trusted organization and operates its business service division and Metallic Capital Designs. We are  dedicated to helping  small businesses especially focuses on Women-Owned Businesses. From helping with basic business needs, starting a business, Merchant Service setup/fee reduction to helping obtain funding, we are here to help.

With over 20+ years of serving small business, Metallic Capital’s CEO and sales team works to bring our small business clients the best service possible.

Our banking partners are screened to only include agents which are cognizant and committed to providing the most ethical services as possible. Always encouraging open communication, Metallic Capital receives and responds to any customer inquiry.   We have dedicated a department that works exclusively on answering your questions and providing honest answers.  consumercare@metalliccapital.com


Metallic Capital Commitment to Clients

  • Always present a service/product that will benefit our clients without padding
  • Respect clients’ requests
  • Maintain the most controlled and dignified procedures to protect consumer information
  • Never sale, rent, or share consumer contact information



Metallic Capital  is located in Naperville, IL