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Business loan based on Revenue

Need money for your business? Relocating? Expanding, Need Equipment? We’ve got you covered. We will work hard to get you the money your business deserves. We are dedicated to working with existing and entrepreneurs wishing to start a business. Our Pre-qualify takes minutes and we promise our total dedication in helping you grow your business. 


Merchant Payment Processing- Start Accepting Credit Card without all the fees

Sign Up with Metallic Capital, no one will treat you better!  With the Best Free Terminal Program you’ll find , and the absolute lowest processing fees, matter of fact , we’ll even help you practically get rid of most.   Complimentary marketing perks, what more could you want?

If you’re currently processing, no problem, we’ll lower your credit card processing, plain and simple. We won’t have to make you a lot of promises, the proof is in the results. Don’t take our word, we will offer you proof, absolutely no obligation, and if we can’t make good on our promise, we will give you a $250 Visa gift card.


Merchant Cash Advance

If you need quick funds our process is simple and takes minutes with our simple pre-qualify form. 

Business Personal Line of Credit

Line of Credit?  Call us now and find out how we can get you pre-qualified in as little as one hour!  Simply have a 650 FICO, and we’ll help you get your line of credit, set up your business Landing Page, even write you a  press release, Local SEO boost, and an ongoing list of perks that are only for Metallic Capital clients! Call an ask for the Business Personal Line of Credit program, you’ll even qualify for  *1.5% to start

and a few other dynamic marketing specials, only for our Metallic Capital merchants!


Did You Know?

More Americans are Giving Up on Debit Cards

Debit card use is declining in America. Since 2013, the percentage of households that use debit cards has dropped from 74% to 58%. Almost a third more households pay with credit now compared to five years ago. Many consumers prefer credit cards because they provide benefits that debit cards do not, namely cash rewards and enticing perks. [CNBC]



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