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Add your business to our Small Business Marketing Page.  We will rotate your business , provide updates, and even give you an opportunity to be featured in our blog.  At Metallic Capital we want to help businesses grow and that begins with helping you to promote your service.   Simply sign up or call us at 312-878-6049, and let us know you want your business added to our Small Business Profile Page.  There is absolutely no charge for ad placement.  Metallic Capital reserves the right to refuse any ad based on our company’s ethical pledge. Just sign up below.

Metallic Capital conducts small business forums and provides helpful  content for small business . We circulate our blog around the United  States, our content is pushed on Google Facebook, LinkedIn, and republished by various other business sites.  Our company sponsors a number of radio stations so this is a nice marketing push for  you (I’d be happy to send you audio, if you would like to hear our commercial).

We never, ever sell your email address. Please email business card or images to freemarketing@metalliccapital.com