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Welcome , let’s discuss small business ideas  in 2019, still in the game and looking forward to a prosperous year, right? Of course, we all had our ups and down’s of 2018, better for some and heading toward greatness for others. So how do you get your small business ideas initiatives going? Why it it that 2019 can promise you more than 2018? Well, there are some great things going in this pre-2020 year. Not only are we heading for a growing presidential year, but we also see four huge movements in growing your small business through these incredible suggestions. If you’re ready we will get going and let’s explore small business ideas of 2019 .


small business ideas

I want to encourage all of you who are serious about growing your small business and generating success this year. One suggestion is to reinvent your initiative and surround yourself with motivation. If you’re not networking, get busy, sign on to LinkedIn, create profile; if you’re not comfortable doing so, you can easily outsource the gig for about $20 through Fiverr. I suggest the book , Light Your Own Fire, by Jonsey Allen for anyone looking to generate creative momentum.

So on to the meat and potatoes of small business ideas for you:

Yes, Food Truck/Cart is still on the move. Experts agree that Food Trucks are a much like online stores becoming alternatives to the big shops. People are on the go more and want to grab a quick bite in a convenient location. Think about how small business is growing. You’ll see food trucks parked in empty lots, mall lots, and my favorite hardware parking lots. My suggestion is to muster up some ideas, grow your small business by brainstorming some uniqueness to your food truck. Whether it’s a smoothie or vegetarian option, done right food trucks will give you the strong outlook you desire.

I love the second small business ideas in our list – Ice-Cream Stand . These have for the most part over the last ten years disappeared,but consumers have told small businesses that there’s a demand for ice-cream , local and quick serve , stands. When is the last time you seen an ice cream stand as you took a stroll? Now think, when is the last time you wished you had seen an ice cream stand? Exactly, the demand is there, Whether you have a current business or desire to cash in on this small business ideas, Ice-Cream Stands are yearning to re-enter a desirable market.

Our last small business ideas suggestion is for those fellow-writers who have desire to take on Food Reviews. Where is the money for small business growth in food reviews? Advertising and a lot of it if you position yourself correctly. Local Food Review , especially with the growth of automation and voice-search. Consumers will want to know where to find the best food quickly and reviews is the best way to answer the call. Here again, this small business ideas requires creativity. I’ll over one suggestion , Food Reviews for Fast Food. Who has the best fries? Who offers the best Italian -Beef? Perhaps weekly updates, sale ad space for specials, the possibilities are endless!

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