Short-Term Financing for Small Businesses

Need a loan? Here at Metallic Capital we won’t waste your time or make promises we simply can not keep. If you’re looking for a short-term loan , depending on what you’ll use the loan for, we will do our best to help you with your short -term financing needs. You can find out more about short-term loans that afford you repayment flexibility.


From business expansion or adding services you’ll find Metallic Capital will work hard to get you the money your business deserves.  This means we work with business owners who meet lender qualifications.  We simply won’t wast your time on promises of financing when you don’t meet funding requirements.


We provide services that will help you obtain short-term financing.  Qualifying means you’ll be on your way to obatining your money and have a fixed period of time to pay back what you borrowed.


Metallic Capital LLC connects to over 75 funding resources and seek short-term capital funding from $2500-$50,000. 


We never charge an application fee , have a strict no obligation policy.  Once you submit your inquiry, we will respond with an easy prequalify and you’ll be on your way.  All of your information is confidential and we never sell your name or business information to anyone.